“We get the shot”


We want to provide clients with videos that won’t bore their audiences to death… to develop fresh ideas and clever scripts… and to produce videos that don’t look like everyone else’s.


The word “epic” is often overused today thus lessening its effectiveness for describing the level of incredible productions we achieve. However, we still like to use the word because it communicates such a clear impression.



















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Scott Gray

Owner / Producer



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Garrett Gray

Director / Producer

Mark Roberts





“The poet is nearly speechless!  The images are pure magic. I am humbled by your visual artistry, which is poetry in and of itself.”

Dean for Academic Affairs – Reinhardt University

Lance Wachholz



Thank you for helping us present our new LEDskin in a powerful way!  Working with you guys is a true pleasure.


Owner – e4 Design


Jacqueline Daniel




We were able to raise just over $10,000 as a result of this video. Thousands have watched it, and WXIA is now interested in producing a story as well! None of this would be possible without this incredibly well produced video! Y’all are great at what you do!


President – ConnectAbility

Marisol Limehouse



We are so impressed. Bravo!! What a great job. I love the lighting, the music, the way the camera moves. You did such a great job. I am so happy I followed through and believed in your company. Thank you! You made my day!

Pharmacist-in-Charge / Owner – InTouch Pharmacy



Julie Fleming





Wow…What a powerful video! This is going to be such a great recruiting tool to help our program stand out among the others.


Vice President for Enrollment Management – Reinhardt University


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