We want to provide clients with videos that won’t bore their audiences to death… to develop fresh ideas and clever scripts… and to produce videos that don’t look like everyone else’s.

We believe that a bag of tricks in post production shouldn’t take the place of creative and interesting cinematography, or technically sound field production efforts. We also want your experience during the production process to be fun and rewarding, and we will strive to make you feel as if you’re our only client. And in the end, we want you to be blown away by the final product so you and your organization will be successful and come back for more. Catch the passion that we share for video content creation!


The word “epic” is often overused today thus lessening its effectiveness for describing the level of incredible productions we achieve. However, we still like to use the word because it communicates such a clear impression.

Capturing true epic video is no easy task. To deliver epic video content requires a visionary director, specialized production gear and a seasoned production crew who can deliver the shots.


If you can imagine it then we can produce it. We do, however, have more experience in some arenas than others. We are very comfortable producing TV commercials, general branding and promotional videos, music videos, instruction videos and speaker presentations.

Feature documentaries, documentary style promos and music videos are specialties. Other video production genres include, water sports, auto and motorcycle racing, snow skiing, football, outdoor recreation, the military and landscapes to name a few. In recent years, we have worked with universities and colleges to develop branding content and orientation videos. We also work extensively in the tourism industry promoting small town tourist destinations for chamber of commerces and development authorities. As a faith based company, we are very comfortable working with churches and faith organizations to develop multimedia for the highest purpose of all.