beMatrix came to us to design content that could be used on a giant LED panel system for their exhibit, as well as, serve as a general promotion video for branding. There are specific styles and specifications for designing content that looks great on large screen applications. This video grabs attention on the show floor!

Being a small business ourselves, we understand that first impressions are super important. A great video is often the “gateway” to reach potential clients. In a highly competitive visual market it takes experience to produce a video that reaches and communicates the right message to the intended audience. The OutdoorLights have realized tremendous success from the use of this video which has reached hundreds of potential clients on their website, YouTube Channel and at trade shows. Don’t underestimate the power of a well produced video!

Reinhardt University asked us to help them produce a video that could be used to brand a new era at the university, and at the same time, honor the original values established over a hundred years ago, and to reconnect with the region and local community. A poem about Reinhardt written by Dr. Mark Roberts, VP & Dean for Academic Affairs, was the answer and became the script for this inspiring video. Many of the shots were choreographed specifically for the production using actual Reinhardt students. Much of the regional landscape shots were acquired by our in-house staff. Stock video was used sparingly, but assisted with a few expensive visual interpretations needed to tell the story.

Aerial content has become a very popular and common ingredient for video productions today. Drone technology has become affordable and available to the masses. Recognizing potential safety hazards and liability issues, the FAA now requires commercial licensing for video professionals to provide aerial services. is a licensed aerial service company who has logged many hours piloting the DJI drone equipped with a GoPro Hero4. There are some productions that will require the use of a higher level drone, camera and pilot. For these productions we partner with Yonder Blue Films who have shot for motions pictures like Insurgent and Dumb & Dumber To.

Interpreting the meaning of a song in video form can be so much fun! I Still Carry You, by the award-winning band, Alathea, tells the true story of a teenage Appalachia Service Project (ASP) volunteer as her life is transformed by a relationship fostered during a mission trip to the Appalachian Mountains. Music video productions are no small undertaking and usually require a substantial investment to produce them the right way, however, they can be some of the most motivating forms of communication when wanting to move people to action; like buying songs, selling tickets, or asking for donations during fundraising campaigns.