Scott Gray

Owner / Producer


The Early Years


The gift of music is a foundational cornerstone in Scott’s life serving both his passion as a film producer, and as a worship leader. As a young boy growing up in the 70’s, Scott spent his time shooting short films with Super 8mm film cameras and learned to play the drums and guitar. Music and film continued to march hand-in-hand as he became known for his pioneering work within the watersports industry. Scott’s work in watersports 25 years ago has left an indelible mark as he achieved award winning video imagery only achieved by GoPro cameras of today. Scott also made his mark in the competitive sport of barefoot waterskiing winning a National Championship and competing within the professional ranks for many years.

Outdoors Television


After retiring from professional skiing in 1994, Scott focused on his multimedia production business branching out into a myriad of different arenas that included production in the hunt industry where he worked with mega successful television shows such as Bill Jordan’s – Real Tree Outdoors, Buckmasters and North American Fish & Game. Again, Scott was a pioneer paving the way for the outdoor shooting styles that can still be seen in today’s programming.

Auto Racing


Trying to scratch the adrenaline itch, Scott leaped into auto racing where he competed in late model short track racing. Production techniques continued to evolve as auto racing stretched the limits of production equipment where Scott learned about camera auto mounting techniques that would later be used to produce award winning video products for Maxxis Tires and Yamaha Motor Sports.

Back To Music


Somewhere along the line Scott traded in his drums for a Gibson Les Paul guitar. This path ultimately lead him into an opportunity to lead contemporary style Christian worship where he fills his creative gas tank songwriting, singing and playing guitar. Faith plays a vital role in his life as he shares God given passions and gifts through songs.

A Seasoned Vet


Scott’s creative genius is fueled by his lure toward music and his attention to visual impact and detail. The two arts are still working hand-in-hand today. Evidence can be found in the various music videos he has produced over the years, and the attention to soundtrack selections and scores for all his productions. There are just some things that cannot be taught in a classroom. Life experience has provided Scott with the skills necessary to produce your next video. God given giftedness will assure that your video will be great!


Garrett Gray

Director / Producer


Cinematic Kid


Born into a family of cinematographers, Garrett learned the tricks of the trade early in life. His formative years were spent watching his father and grandfather pioneer the video advertising industry, develop cutting edge video products and building a business. Garrett would soon prove his knack for the art in school by submitting unmatched video project assignments. (Of course, he did have an advantage by getting to use the best equipment in the industry.) Garrett soon became a valuable asset on set as he offered insightful suggestions surrounding many production aspects. His “in the field” experience taught him practical, real world lessons that he relies on today.



New Ideas


“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy

The landscape of production technologies has certainly changed since VCPTV.com produced its first professional video released in 1986, and so have audiences. Successful communication depends on a crystal clear understanding of the intended audience. This often means being immersed within the culture in which one is trying to influence through visual media. Garrett brings a fresh “eye” to the creative direction and understands a Millennial audience. He is engaged in the digital media culture of today and able to assist clients in navigating this hyper-dynamic arena with a hyper-visual audience. Garrett also enjoys exploring new production technology and techniques often being a sponsored beta tester for various video production manufacturers. This understanding of industry trends is extremely valuable in bringing innovative visual content to VCPTV.com clients.



Garrett grew up playing organized sports. He competed in everything offered, but landed on football and baseball where he excelled throughout high school. Opting out of collegiate offers, Garrett moved toward his love for music and now spends much of his time writing, playing and performing. He is an accomplished bassist who can be found playing guitar almost as much these days. Growing up in the countryside of Dahlonega, Garrett learned to appreciate the outdoors where he refuels his creative tank by hunting, hiking and exploring on anything that’s four-wheel drive.