Thank you for helping us present our new LEDskin in a powerful way!  Working with you guys is a true pleasure.” Lance Wachholz – Owner


“The poet is nearly speechless!  The images are pure magic. I am humbled by your visual artistry, which is poetry in and of itself.” Mark Roberts – Provost

“Wow…What a powerful video! This is going to be such a great recruiting tool to help our program stand out among the others.” Julie Fleming – Vice President for Enrollment Management

“I’ve been working with Scott and the Video Craft Productions crew for the past seventeen years and find them to be of the highest integrity and quality. However most of all they are incredibly fun to work with! It’s the highlight of my year and keeps me motivated because I love achieving (and surpassing) the objectives we set forth with them every single time. I give VCP my highest personal and professional recommendation.” Rich Johnson – National Account Executive 



We have had videos made in the past by VCPTV and recently they created a master piece. We wanted a video to showcase behind the scenes of our business. Scott took our ideas and worked with us to create an amazing video. The feedback we have received from our video is fantastic. We are looking forward to working again with Scott on our next video.” Chris Wakefield – President


“We are so impressed. Bravo!! What a great job. I love the lighting, the music, the way the camera moves. You did such a great job. I am so happy I followed through and believed in your company. Thank you! You made my day!”  Marisol Limehouse – Pharmacist-in-Charge / Owner

“Thank you for your great help, effort, talent and ability to meet a deadline!” Amanda Willis – Former Vice President for Advancement

“I just had the opportunity of viewing the video. My congratulations to you and your team for an outstanding professional job.” Norm Blake -Alumni / Philanthropist

“We were able to raise just over $10,000 as a result of this video. Thousands have watched it, and WXIA is now interested in producing a story as well! None of this would be possible without this incredibly well produced video! Y’all are great at what you do!” Jacqueline Daniel – President

“I’m always interested in seeing how an audience reacts when a video is shown, and from my observation around the room, everyone was paying attention the entire five minutes! That is in my opinion what makes a video segment truly impactful!” Thomas Smith – Senior Account Manager

“Scott makes a special effort to understand our product and message, then designs extremely effective video in a timely manner. Video Craft Productions has produced more than a dozen high quality videos for North Georgia College & State University, and we look forward to working with him on all of our future video projects.” Keith Antonia – Associate Vice President for Military Programs